In line with General Sams’ family fun atmosphere comes the maintaining of a safe environment for guests. The following rules and guidelines are to insure that each guest has an enjoyable, safe experience while visiting our park. Please follow these rules at all times. — The Staff

  1. Radical and dangerous operation of any vehicle will not be tolerated.
  2. Wearing helmets is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.
  3. Riding “Double” is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED.
  4. Follow all ATV Manufacture Safety warnings.
  6. Speed Limit is 5 MPH in all campground and front park areas where people will be walking.
  7. DO NOT LITTER! FINE: $100-$500!
  8. No burning of cans or bottles, etc.
  9. No GLASS containers or bottles are allowed.
  10. Use dead wood only for campfires. Do not cut tress. NO CHAINSAWS are allowed.
  11. No Camping outside of designated areas without special permission.
  12. ALL state alcohol rules apply.
  13. No loud noise in camping areas after 10PM.
  14. No vehicle washing in camp areas.
  15. No attitudes, fighting, vandalism, theft, and harassment.
  16. Only tire size of 44″ and smaller. No tractor tires. This rule applies to TRUCKS ONLY!

We have a 0 TOLLARNACE policy for the dumping of grey and black water in the park, violation results in immediate ejection from the park with no refund!

We have a lot of little ones playing in the camping area. The speed limit in the camping area is 5 mph. Please DO NOT do donuts, pop wheelies, drive fast, etc. in the camping area. The other 700 acres are for the fun stuff.

We have a concrete slab for RINSING vehicles, not DETAILING them. Please limit your washing time, and be considerate of others waiting in line as well as conserving General Sams’ water and electricity. We appreciate your cooperation.

Please keep noise to a minimum in the camping areas, especially after 10 p.m.
This includes going slow/idling through these areas to reduce noise, turning down stereos, no yelling, no hammering, etc.

We want everyone to have fun, make friends, and enjoy themselves while being our guest but should things get a little tense for whatever reason, please respect each other by returning to your own camp or simply going elsewhere in our park to avoid any conflict.

We are very appreciative of each and every one of our guests for being so friendly at the park. We are thankful for their kindness and consideration of others on the trails.
It creates an atmosphere where we all feel comfortable and welcome.